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Drum Inductor

SLNR4330-1R0NHF Series



    • Open Circuit Inductance (OCL): 1.0uH±30% at 100KHz,1Vrms,0Adc (Ta=25℃).
    • Isat: 5.26A , DC current that will cause inductance to drops approximately by 30%.
    • Irms: 4.15A , DC current that causes an approximate temperature rise (△T) of 40℃.
    • DCR: 14mΩ ±30%. (Ta=25℃).
    • Operating Temperature Range -40°C to + 125°C. RoHs & HF compliant.

Electrical Characteristic of SLNR4330-1R0NHF Series

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Part Description

  • SLNR4330-1R0NHF
  • 1uH, 30%, 14mOhm, 5.26Amp Max. SMD Shielded Drum Inductor
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