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Wireless Charging Coil

L41200R19 Series


Wireless Charging Receiver Coil. 5.8uH. Q = 11 at 100Khz.

    • Open Circuit Inductance (OCL): 5.8uH Typ at 100KHz,1.0Vrms,0Adc;(Ta=25вJ).
    • Q Value 11 typical. at 100KHz,1.0Vrms;(Ta=25вJ).
    • DCR: 0.285г[ Max.;(Ta=25вJ).
    • OD: 10.15mm.1.4mm height max..
    • Operating temperature: -40вJбу+105вJ.

Electrical Characteristic of L41200R19 Series

Part Number

Part Description

  • L41200R19
  • 5.8uH Q = 11 Typical at 100Khz Wireless Charging Receiver Coil
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