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SLT324011 Series


    SMD Power bead in 8.20 x 11.00mm Max. Inductance: 280.0nH

    • Ferrite based SMD Inductor with lower core loss.
    • Custom values are welcomed.
    • High current output chokes, upto 80.0 Amp with approx. 20% roll off.
    • Low Profile 10.50 mm Max. height.
    • 8.20 x 11.00 mm Foot Print.
    • Ideal for Buck Converter, VRM & High Density Board Design.
    • Operating frequency up to 1.0 MHz.
    • Operating Temperature Range -55°C to + 130°C. RoHs & HF compliant.
    • T & R Qtys: 350 pcs , 13'' Reel.

Electrical Characteristic of SLT324011 Series

Part Number

Part Description

  • SLT324011A-R28LHF
  • 280nH, 0.31mOhm, 80 Amp max. variable SMD Power Bead Inductor
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