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MRI Filter F2780Y Series


MRI Room CAT5 filter, provides clean signal and data into MRI room through RJ45 connectors at input and output line of the filter.

  • MRI Room CAT5 filter provides clean signal and data into MRI rooms through RJ45 Connector. The filters provide 100dB attenuation from 100MHz to 10GHz.
  • Voltage Rating: 100VDC
  • Hi-Pot: Line to Ground: 200VDC for 2 sec
  • Ambient Temperature Range: -25°C To +85°C
  • Filter components are encapsulated in a plated metal enclosure
  • Comply with UL and cUL construction requirements

Electrical Characteristic of MRI Filter F2780Y Series

Part Number

Part Description

  • F2780Y001L-004
  • MRI Room signal line filter,1Amp, RJ45 connectors provided for input and output connections
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