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SL2224A-R055MHF Series


55.0nH, 20%, 0.2mOhm, 66.0A Max. SMD Power Bead

    Open Circuit Inductance (OCL): 55.0nH ± 20% at 100KHz, 0.1Vrms, 0Adc.

    Saturation Point: Isat1=66.0Adc @ 25℃ , Isat2=63.0Adc @ 75℃ , Isat3=60.0Adc @ 100℃

    this DC current that will cause inductance to drop approximately by 20%.

    L @ Isat: 39.0nH Min. at Isat1=66.0A.

    Irms: 50.0A , DC current that causes an approximate temperature rise (△T) of 40℃.

    Derating is necessary for AC currents. PCB pad layout,trace thickness and width,air-flow and

    proximity of other heat generating components will affect the temperature rise.

    DCR: 0.20 ± 5% mΩ measured from point "a" to point"b", as shown on the left

    mechanical drawing (Ta=25℃).

Electrical Characteristic of SL2224A-R055MHF Series

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  • SL2224A-R055MHF
  • 55.0nH, 20%, 0.20mOhm, 66.0A Max. SMD Power Bead
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