ITG 学院展示了一系列短片,在日新月异的电子产业中使您更了解电子产品、业界规范、设计实践等信息!

ITG Academy for Magnetics - English

This playlist covers a wide range of magnetics information; from types of magnetics, like Power Beads and Molded Inductors, to compliance standards and state of the art topologies.

ITG Academy for EMI Filter

This playlist will cover the basics of EMI and how filters work. You will also discover the importance of filtering EMI and how you can account for it in your circuit designs. We will also cover MIL-STD-461 - a reference point for both conducted and radiated emissions testing, what to expect, and ho

ITG Academy - Technical White Paper

This playlist is home to all the technical white paper presentations produced by ITG. White papers dive deep into the science and technology embedded in our engineering practices and projects.


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