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Common Mode Chokes

DCM372645VC Series


    3.5mH to 90.0mH, 45mOhm to 910mOhm, 8.2Amp to 1.85Amp DIP Common Mode Chokes

    • 37.0×26.0mm Max.(L×W), 45.0mm Max. Height.
    • Inductance range: 3.5mH~90mH, Custom values are welcomed.
    • Ideally used as AC common mode noise filter for TV, VCR, Switching Mode Power Supply, Inverter & Industrial Equipment Applications.
    • Attenuation and control unit with better characteristics in low frequency band.
    • Dielectric strength:1500Vrms, winding to winding.
    • UL Class B Compliance Common Mode Chokes.
    • Operating temperature:-55 to +105 ℃, RoHS & HF compliance.

Electrical Characteristic of DCM372645VC Series

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