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Flat Wire Inductor

SC5020 Series


    0.22uH to 9.0uH, 20%, 0.5mOhm to 13.9mOhm, 80.0Amp to 13.0Amp SMD Flat Wire Inductor

    • 0.50” Package SMD Power Inductor.
    • Ideal for DC to DC converter. VRM & High density board design.
    • Low leakage flux.
    • Shielded inductor design.
    • Low profile 5.1mm maximum height.
    • Suitable for IR reflow and wave solder process.
    • Tight DCR tolerance features for current sensing application.
    • RoHS and HF Compliant.
    • T & R Qtys: 800pcs, 13” Reel / 4R7 & 9R0: 500pcs, 13” Reel.

Electrical Characteristic of SC5020 Series

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