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Common Mode Chokes

DCM232214H-123YHF Series


    DIP Common Mode Choke 12.0mH, 1.9 Amp, 210.0mΩ.

    • Rated voltage: 250 VAC.
    • Hi-pot Test: AC1800V 5mA 2Sec 50Hz/60Hz (Coil to Coil).
    • Insulation Resistance: 100MΩ Min (Coil to core) at 500VDC.
    • Operating temperature: -25 to + 120℃.

Electrical Characteristic of DCM232214H-123YHF Series

Part Number

Part Description

  • DCM232214H-123YHF
  • 12,000uH, 210mOhm, 1.9Amp Max. DIP Common Mode Chokes
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