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Small Signal Inductor

CL201212 Series


3.3uH to 33uH,10% to 20%, 800mOhm to 1250mOhm,

30mAmp to 5mAmp SMD 0805 Small Signal Inductor

    • Multilayer Ferrite Inductor in a 0805 foot print.
    • Inductance Range:3.3uH to 33uH. Custom values are welcomed.
    • High current capability for high efficient power conversion.
    • Low Profile 1.45 mm Max. height.
    • Operating Temperature Range -40°C to + 85°C.
    • Storage Temperature Range -10°C to + 40°C.
    • Application:
    • Mother board, tablet PC, notebook, desktop computers.
    • DSC, DVC, LCD Television, Set Top Box.
    • Mobile phone, smart phone, PND.
    • Digital communication equipment.
    • Various electronic equipment.
    • Various automotive electronics.

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