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Ferrite Bead

CB160808 Series


    Z=19Ohm to 1500Ohm, 25%, 200mAmp to 600mAmp,

    SMD 0603 Ferrite Bead

    • Multilayer chip beads are SMD components that cover a wide impedance characteristic.
    • To suppress EMI/RFI and to prevent self-oscillation in electronic products.
    • These small size chips generate high impedance.
    • Low DC resistance structure of electrode prevents wasteful electric power consumption.
    • Applications:
    • Mother board, tablet PC, notebook, desktop computers and peripheral equipment.
    • DSC, DVC, LCD Television, Set Top Box.
    • Mobile phone, smart phone, PND.
    • Digital communication equipment.
    • Various electronic equipment.
    • Various automotive electronics.
    • Circuit where a stable ground is unavailable.

Electrical Characteristic of CB160808 Series

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