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Common Mode Chokes

DCM Series Samples Kit Series


Horizontal mounted Through Hole Common Mode Chokes. Total 112 Pieces (Assorted Per Value)

    6 pcs per DCM181713H Series value, 2 pcs per DCM282818H Series Value, 6 pcs per DCM251515H Series Value, 2 pcs per DCM333320H Series Value

    DCM181713H-701NHF, DCM181713H-102NHF, DCM181713H-332NHF, DCM181713H-682NHF, DCM181713H-103NHF, DCM181713H-153NHF, DCM181713H-273NHF, DCM181713H-393NHF

    DCM282818H-222NHF, DCM282818H-332NHF, DCM282818H-502NHF, DCM282818H-103NHF, DCM282818H-203NHF, DCM282818H-253NHF

    DCM251515H-103HF, DCM251515H-153HF, DCM251515H-273HF, DCM251515H-393HF, DCM251515H-473HF, DCM251515H-683HF, DCM251515H-104HF

    DCM333320H-103NHF, DCM333320H-273NHF

Electrical Characteristic of DCM Series Samples Kit Series

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