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Flat Wire Inductor

High Current Flat wire Inductor Sample Kit Series


SMD and Through Hole PQ Flat wire inductor. Total 64 Pieces (Assorted Per Value)

    2 pcs per for 8 of SMD value, 3 pcs per of Through hole (DHP) value

    PQ108081-100MHF, PQ108081-330MHF, PQ108081-500MHF, PQ108081-101MHF, PQ108081-151MHF, PQ108081-221MHF, PQ108081-331MHF, PQ108081-471MHF

    DHP106095S-3R3MHF, DHP106095S-4R7MHF, DHP106095S-6R8MHF, DHP106095S-8R2MHF, DHP106095S-100MHF, DHP106095S-120MHF, DHP106095S-150MHF, DHP106095S-180MHF, DHP106095S-180MHF, DHP106095S-220MHF, DHP106095S-330MHF, DHP106095S-390MHF, DHP106095S-470MHF, DHP106095S-500MHF, DHP106095S-560MHF, DHP106095S-680MHF, DHP106095S-860MHF

Electrical Characteristic of High Current Flat wire Inductor Sample Kit Series

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