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L101374SP Series


Resonant Inductor 15.0uH - 56.0uH, 10%, 6.0mOhm - 15.0mOhm, 71.0Amp to 17.0Amp

    ·  Ferrite-Based Resonant inductor for digital based solution with soft switching full bridge LLC DC/DC converter
    ·  For high efficiency and high power density full bridge 3KWatt LLC GaN based resonant converter
    ·  Ideal for Datacenter, Electrical Car, and industrial grade power conversion application
    ·  High power upto 3kWatt and high voltage upto 650V
    ·  High current output chokes, upto 71.0 Amp with approc. 30% roll off
    ·  L101374SP-03 is recommended by GAN System under GS-EVB-LLC-3KW-GS Technical Manual

    ·  Dielectric strength: 1500Vrms, winding to core
    ·  33.50 x 18.50 mm, 33.50 x 21.00 mm and 33.50 x 30.50 mm footprint with 28.00 mm Max. height
    ·  Operating temperature range: -55°C to +130°C, RoHS & HF compliance Components

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